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上海锦山公交采用Mobileye Shield+神盾防御监测系统,成功提升驾驶安全并降低成本

11.10.2019Fleet Safety, Collision Avoidance, Telematics, Fleet Management

2018年12月,锦山公交在20辆新能源电动公交车上安装了Mobileye Shield+神盾防御监测系统并进行了为期6个月的测试。结果是前防撞警告系统的警告次数降低了49%,能耗降低了5%。


Coregas Experiences Zero Collisions and Sees Improved Driver Behaviour with Mobileye

26.03.2019Collision Avoidance

Coregas is a leading distributor of hazardous products across Australia and New Zealand. Given the nature of its cargo the company is fully aware that its commitment to safety has to be above and beyond normal standards.



11.02.2019Collision Avoidance

Abellio London, which runs London buses for Transport for London, was determined to lower their fleet’s collision rate as part of Vision Zero, a project to reduce road deaths to zero by 2041.

Working with Mobileye, Abellio launched a pilot project, in February 2018, installing collision avoidance systems on 66 buses traveling three different London routes. The trial was done in coordination with drivers and their union and was supported by Transport for London’s Bus Safety Innovation Fund.


Universal Tyre & Autocentres Dramatically Reduces Collision Rates with Mobileye’s Collision Avoidance System

14.01.2019Collision Avoidance

Universal Tyre & Autocentres was facing a crisis. Collison rates were spiking dramatically, especially collisions where a company driver struck the vehicle in front. Between October 2016 and October 2017 their drivers were involved in 10 such collisions, some of them severe, posing a danger to both their drivers and other.


Making the Extra Hazardous Extra Safe with Collision Avoidance

24.12.2018Collision Avoidance

For Formosa Plastics Group FPG, one of Taiwan’s largest hazardous material enterprises, safety is of critical importance. Transporting hazardous goods around a densely-populated island means any collision can cause untold damage.


Winslow Group experiences zero collisions with Mobileye ADAS

03.07.2018Collision Avoidance, Fleet Safety

Zero collisions is a big claim to make. Yet, this is the actual result which we have seen in a 60-vehicle pilot with Winslow Construction Group in Australia.


Revv case-study: Rental Cars across India are Getting a Safety Boost

14.08.2017Collision Avoidance

Revv offers car rentals in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Visakhapatnam, with a simple and convenient platform that allows customers to order a car online or through an app, to have the car delivered to their doorstep and to return it to their preferred location.

Why Mobileye

When asked to identify his main reasons for piloting Mobileye in the Revv fleet, co-founder Karan Jain said there were three:
“As a car rental company, reducing [car accident] damage rates has three distinct benefits:

Increasing uptime of vehicles
Reducing repair and maintenance costs
Getting lower rates from insurance companies, for the insurance of these vehicles

The Mobileye solution helps in considerably reducing the damage rates and hence achieving these three objectives.”


Mobileye Customer Profile: SAB Miller

08.05.2017Collision Avoidance

SAB Miller - now AB Inbev - decided to drastically improve fleet safety in Latin America. Read the full story here.


Mobileye Customer Profile: Zoomcar

05.02.2017Collision Avoidance

Zoomcar is leading the way in innovation for rental car companies. Read the full interview here.

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